The Lobby Bar 

Drinks and Cocktails


(Check Back Often for Specials and Seasonal Drinks)


HOUSE SPECIAL: Ask for The Brad or Keith

An ice-cold bottle of Miller Lite and 10 seconds to complain about something you hate


The Bros on Broadway

  • Everclear on the rocks with a White Claw Back



  • Tequila and pickle juice, served shaken and Up, or Down


The OC Cougar (AKA “The Kim”)

  • A bottle of Rombauer white wine served in a fishbowl over ice, twisty straw optional


The Florida Man (AKA “The Brian”)

  • A bottle of Bud Light served on ice with a hard-boiled egg


The Vegan Activist (AKA “The Liz”)

  • Organic Bourbon served neat with a sprig of free-range organic mint


The Bailey

  • Baileys Irish Cream and Bushmills with a espresso floater


The Timber

  • Boddingtons Pub Ale with a shot of Bushmills


The Barky McBarkface

  • Kalua and Vodka, served over ice


The Cooper

  • Redbull and Cherry Vodka


The Hit and Run

  • Meyers Rum and Tonic, Served with a Lime


The Sassy

  • Our take on a Kir Royale, Champagne with Cream de Cassis, garnished with a lemon twist or dog biscuit 






March Special!!!

In honor of our masked 4 legged visitor, and official mascot of the Lobby Bar's newest property we're introducing the Gary 

The Gary


  • Our take on the harvey wallbanger, trash can gin, galliano, cherry liqueur and lime juice, garnished with the finest that recology has to offer.